Racepics.co.uk brings you running and sports pictures from the Midlands and beyond.

Find your race photos by searching for your name or bib / race number. All digital downloads will be supplied as Jpeg files in a zip folder.

When purchased, all photos will be much higher-resolution and watermarks will be removed. Please note that thumbnails are low-resolution.. All orders are sent to your email address, so please make sure it's typed correctly before placing your order.


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Digital Image for Personal Use - Terms of Service

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Photo download links will be sent via email when payment is complete. All payments are handled via Paypal. Photos will be in Jpeg format and within a zip file to keep download size / times down to a minimum. Iphone users may need to install a suitable zip file app such as Izip or zip viewer to view and save images on their device.

Iphone zip files - suggested app & instructions:

Tap the "App Store" icon on your iPhone home screen and then select the "Search" tab.

Enter "iZip" in the search box and then tap the "Search" button.

Select "iZip" and tap "Free," then "Install." Enter your iTunes password to authorise the download.

Open your iPhone email client or Web browser, depending on whether you are opening an email attachment or a ZIP file from the Internet.

Tap the ZIP file and then tap the "Open in iZip" button.

Tap "OK" to unzip all files or tap "Cancel" to select individual files for unzipping. If you tap "Cancel," you will need to select the files you want to view and then tap the "Extract" button.

Tap a file to view it using the iZip viewer. The app supports all Microsoft Office documents, images, PDFs and Apple iLife documents.